Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Was Jodie Foster the model for the Coppertone Girl?

Actress Jodie Foster is well known for her phenomenal work which has garnered her two Academy Awards for acting.  A fun piece of trivia associated with her is that she was the model for the Coppertone Girl.


In fact, when the original Coppertone ad debuted in 1959, Jodie Foster was not even born.

The Coppertone ad was the brainchild of artist Joyce Ballantyne Brand who used her daughter Cheryl as the model for the famous ad.  

It is true that Jodie Foster was in a Coppertone commercial, but it was a television ad that ran in the 1960's when she was only 2.  You can see a video of her in that commercial here.



  1. One question, if she was not yet born when the ad debuted in 1959 how could she be 2 years old in 1960?

  2. It says the ad ran in the 1960's, not in the year 1960 specifically.